Memo Shows Hillary And Obama Supported Al Qaeda Group That Evolved Into Isis

People are so outraged that Donald Trump joked about President Obama being the “founder of ISIS” that they’ve failed to realize that there is more truth to Trump’s statement than even he might have realized.

The administration doesn’t like to talk about it much, but early on in the Syrian Civil War, it threw it’s support behind the rebels fighting against Bashar Al-Assad. Judging by many of the individuals and groups that made up the opposition however, it seems the White House either was oblivious to the presence of radical Islamists or simply didn’t care.

According to a recently-released memo sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one of the most prominent groups represented among the ranks of the rebels was Al Qaeda in Iraq. Not only was the group responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq, but it also went on to become ISIS, meaning that Hillary and the Obama administration enabled AQI to become the menace that it eventually evolved into. Read more.

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