Jim Jordan: Only 5 Weeks Left To Secure Border Funding

GRA030 MELILLA, 22/10/2014.- Agentes de Policía junto a algunos de los ochenta inmigrantes que están encaramados desde primera hora a la valla de Melilla, fronteriza con Marruecos, tras el último intento de entrar en la ciudad autonóma protagonizado por varios centenares de subsaharianos, algunos de los cuales, al menos una docena, ha conseguido superar el vallado perimetral. EFE/Francisco G. Guerrero

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) warned in an interview with Fox & Friends Tuesday that Republicans have just over a month to secure border wall funding before the Democrats take over the House in the new year.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

JEDEDIAH BILA: Jim, I want to ask you about funding for the border wall. Many people on the right [are] deeply, deeply concerned Republicans will not dig their heels in on this. There’s already been potential talk about a government shutdown. How do you see this playing out? Will Republicans be strong on this issue?

REP. JORDAN: We had better be. The most important issues are the Rosenstein issue, in my mind, the Rosenstein issue I just talked about and building the border security wall and securing the southern border. We’ve seen what’s happened in the last couple of days. That was the biggest promise that the Republicans made the voters in 2016. We had better fight for that. We had better put it in the December 7th funding bill. Again, that is the single issue that the American people elected Republicans to accomplish in 2016 and we’ve got five weeks to get it done.

BRIAN KILMEADE: But your problem is in the Senate, Mitch McConnell is indifferent about it and there’s no push to get 60 [votes].

REP. JORDAN: We’ve got to insist on it. We’ve got to push for it. That’s why they left the Department of Homeland Security bill. That’s the one bill we haven’t funded yet, the one agency we haven’t funded. Let’s put it on that bill. This is exactly what we are supposed to do. This is exactly what we told the American people we were going to do. Let’s stand firm. Let’s make the argument. The things that have happened in the last few weeks with this caravan, everyone understands this needs to get done, so let’s get it done.


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  1. ZackoDaFracko has a very interesting piece from a QANON page, called ‘ SCHUMER’S SHUTDOWN ‘……..Pelosi and Schumer, May be playing a part ! No wonder Nancy and Chuck couldn’t look Trump in the eye! The President has got them by the short and Curry’s!

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