Winning: American Small Businesses Hiring Workers Hits 12-Year High

A record number of American small businesses have hired new workers in the month of July, a new survey finds.

The latest National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) survey of more than 1,700 small businesses across the United States reveals that workers are being hired at a record rate by small businesses, hitting a 12-year high.

“Small business owners added the largest number of workers per firm since 2006 in July, adding a net 0.37 workers per firm on average, almost double June’s rate,” the NFIB report states. “Seventeen percent (up 2 points) [of small businesses] reported increasing employment an average of 4.7 workers per firm and 11 percent (down 1 point) reported reducing employment an average of 2.0 workers per firm (seasonally adjusted).”


Additionally, a record high of 23 percent of business owners said they planned on creating new jobs in the next few months.

“A seasonally-adjusted net 23 percent [of small businesses] plan to create new jobs, up 3 points from June and at record high levels,” the NFIB report states. “Not seasonally adjusted, 24 percent plan to increase total employment at their firm, and 4 percent plan reductions.”


As Breitbart News reported, President Trump’s “hire American” economy has secured a record-low unemployment rate for high school dropouts, the workers most likely to take blue collar jobs.

This record low unemployment rate for blue collar Americans is partially due to the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration. Illegal aliens are vastly likely to take blue collar jobs, depressing wages for America’s bottom line.


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