Syrian President Suffers Massive Stroke While Russians Remove Tumor…

Reports are surfacing that Syria’s President, Basha al-Assad, has suffered a massive stroke and that his life might well be in danger. The Syrian government is denying the claims, stating he is in “excellent health.”

According to Daily Mail:

Syria has refuted claims that President Bashar al-Assad has had a stroke and insists he is in ‘excellent health’.

The Lebanese newspaper, al-Mustaqbal, said ‘reliable sources’ had told them Assad, 51, had suffered a cerebral infarction and was being treated in a hospital in Damascus amid high security.

Al-Arabiya said a Saudi newspaper, Okaz, had claimed Assad was suffering from a ‘brain tumour’ and was being treated by a Russian and Syrian medical team.

Rumors of Assad’s health have continued to circulate for weeks, leading many to believe that he does have some sort of ailment.

Assad’s death, if that were to happen, would change the landscape of the middle-east greatly. With President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin set to potentially mediate a deal, it is unclear how much destabilization would take place if rumors become fact.

What is very interesting is to find the different Arabic newspapers split along propaganda lines in determining what has happened to President Basher al-Assad. Al Jazeera which tends to be pro West Claims Assad in serious condition. Pro Syrian government news source’s claim that he is OK!

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