Reports: Bombs Went Off In Basement Levels Of Towers On 9/11

According to a number of eyewitness reports, bombs went off in basement levels of both towers 1 and 2, and possibly also in basement levels of Building 7.

Michelle Scott, an office worker, told an ABC 7 reporter on September, 11, 2001, that she “ran down the steps to the lobby” after the upper part of the tower exploded. When Scott finally descended to the lobby she said, “everything was torn up” and that a woman already “had her face blown off” from an apparent blast.

Mike Benfante, another eyewitness who managed to escape the exploding tower with his life, recounted the event moments after it happened to the same ABC 7 reporter.

Visibly shaken up, Befante said:

“I’m standing next to John and then the top of the thing [tower] blew up. And it just exploded, started coming down and I was running for my life.”

Befante said he then quickly slid under a truck to safety when “everything just went black.”

ABC 7 also reported, “federal agents with guns standing outside the federal buildings clearing everyone out.”

Additionally others were reported to have had seen victims with skin “hanging” off their bodies. Read more.

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