Putin Says US-Russia Alliance Will Destroy The New World Order

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed that the New World Order will be dismantled and consigned to history and Russian-US relations will be restored when Donald Trump leads a new administration in the White House.

Now, that the election campaign in the United States is over and a new president is about to move into the White House, it is to be hoped that there will emerge a chance to establish relations crucial not only to both countries, but also to ensure international stability and security,” Putin said at the international forum devoted to the heritage of Russia’s prominent diplomat and politician Yevgeny Primakov in Moscow on Wednesday.

Putin said the New World Order’s plans to cripple Russian-US relations have been thwarted. The globalist organization’s drive to push the world into World War 3 has been derailed.

Referring to the tense relationship between his country and the U.S. in recent years, Putin said, “This is not our fault,” laying the blame firmly at the feet of the current administration of warhawks, profiteers and McCarthyesque propagandists in Washington D.C.

Putin told the forum that in a recent telephone conversation with US President-elect Donald Trump the two leaders agreed that the “unsatisfactory condition of Russian-US relations should be certainly straightened out.”

Russia is prepared to meet the partner halfway,” Putin said.  Should the President of the United States join his crusade to defeat the New World Order, the destructive organization will be bought to its knees.


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