Nolte: Border Hysteria Delivers Disastrous Week For Establishment Media

Driven by impotent rage, political extremism, and their own frustration at President Trump’s ongoing foreign and domestic successes, the establishment media had its worst week in years last week surrounding their now-debunked border separation hoax.

The timing of last  week’s disaster (which I will detail in a sec), could not have been worse. It came right on the heels of a Gallup poll full of dreadful news. A clean majority of 62 percent believe the “traditional news media” is biased. A full 44 percent believe the media is inaccurate, and another 39 percent believe the media spread misinformation.

And those were the numbers before last week, a week full of hoaxes, lies, childish trolling, and the condoning of mob justice against Trump officials.

Here is a breakdown…

The Entire Media Narrative About Child Separation Is a Hoax

Last week’s rabid media storyline about the separation of illegal alien adults and children is a hoax, a fabricated outrage; which is not to say that children and adults are not separated into different detention centers. For their own good, for humane reasons, they most certainly are.

The hoax is that this separation is a Trump policy. It is not. This has been our immigration policy for two decades.

The hoax is not the policy itself, the hoax is the media suddenly being OUTRAGED and screaming NAZI over something their precious Barry did for every one of his eight years in office.

Hoax Photographs

A number of fake news-photographs went viral, and all thanks to a media that saw (and spread) them as too good to check. This includes nothing less than the cover of Time magazine.

Imagine that… We now live in a fake news era so brazen, the cover photo on Time magazine is a fake, a fabrication, a con, naked propaganda using a lie.

There were a number of other hoax photos that made their way around Our Betters in the blue checkmark mafia. See here, here, and here.

Media Caught Asking  Donald Trump Jr. If He Wants to Bang His Own Mother

“GQ magazine asked Donald Trump Jr., the son of the leader of the free world, if he has ever wanted to have sex with his mother, according to emails obtained by Breitbart News.”

That actually happened last week.

Read more.

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