Gorka Says Many In WH Don’t Support ‘Make America Great Again’

The Hill
August 29, 2017

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said Tuesday that many in the White House don’t agree with President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” platform.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Gorka was asked whether he was surprised National Economic Council director Gary Cohn or secretary of State Rex Tillerson still have jobs.

In response, Gorka suggested he had been the target of internal criticism from the two officials.

“Having been the brunt of them for seven months, I don’t like to feed the palace intrigue stories,” Gorka said Tuesday.

“I’ll allow the words of Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson to stand for themselves.”

Gorka said his resignation letter is out in full and explains the reasons he left his post.

“And one of the reasons is, the MAGA platform, the ‘Make America Great Again’ platform that brought us into the White House, there are a lot of people in that building who really don’t agree with it and weren’t associated with it,” Gorka said.

“And that’s why I left. So we can support the president from the outside because that’s why he was elected.”

Gorka left his White House post last week. In a string of interviews Monday, he railed against his former colleagues and warned that Trump’s vision for the country is being corrupted by interlopers.

Gorka followed former White House strategist Stephen Bannon out the door. The two are reuniting at Breitbart News, where prior to Trump’s presidential campaign Bannon was chief executive and Gorka was national security editor.

Breitbart has been critical of Cohn and other figures in the White House, arguing their politics are to the left of Trump’s base. National security adviser H.R. McMaster and Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, have also come under criticism.

Gorka said Trump isn’t going to give up on the themes that energized his campaign.

“The question is: Are the people around him going to support him? At least the people on the outside like myself, Steve Bannon, we are going to support him to the fullest,” Gorka said.

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