FBI To Release Evidence On Clinton Child Sex Scandal

A judge has ordered the FBI to publish evidence relating to its investigation of Hillary Clinton and a child sex ring in Washington.

David Zublick breaks down the latest in this video:

Read The Order
UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK ————————————————————–x IN RE: SEARCH WARRANT, ETC., 16-mc-00464 (PKC) E. RANDOL SCHOENBERG, MEMORANDUM Applicant. AND ORDER ————————————————————–x IN THE MATTER OF THE SEARCH OF A LAPTOP COMPUTER 16-mag-7063 ————————————————————–x CASTEL, U.S.D.J.: Late in the day on December 12, 2016, E. Randol Schoenberg presented to this Court an application to unseal a search warrant and supporting documents that purportedly authorized special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) to search the hard drive of a specifically identified computer for email messages to or from former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton. According to the applicant, the warrant was issued in the course of a reopened investigation that the FBI Director later stated on November 6, 2016 was completed. Secretary Clinton had been named in the Director’s November 6 statement and in at least two  prior statements. At a hearing held at noon the next day, the United States opposed Schoenberg’s application. The Court directed the government to make an ex parte submission on the propriety of continued sealing of the warrant materials. The government has made its ex parte submission. Effectively, it withdraws its opposition to Schoenberg’s application and requests that the Court unseal the documents with certain redactions. The Court grants in substantial part Schoenberg’s application, as well as the government’s request. The Court briefly writes to address certain redactions requested by the government that it approves and an additional set of redactions ordered by this Court to protect a
Case 1:16-mc-00464-PKC Document 11 Filed 12/19/16 Page 1 of 10
2  person, who has not been publicly identified by the government, at least insofar as the submissions before me reveal, and has not been charged with any crime. I.
Background. A.
Public Statements by the FBI. On July 5, 2016, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI was “completing its investigation” into “Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail system during her time as Secretary of State” and whether “classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system” in violation of a federal statute. (Statement, Dir. Comey, July 5, 2016.) Director Comey went on to recommend that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) not bring criminal charges against Secretary Clinton. (Id.) On October 28, 2016, Director Comey wrote a letter to Congress stating that the FBI was reopening its investigation of Secretary Clinton due to the discovery of apparently  pertinent emails “[i]n connection with an unrelated case.” (Ltr., Dir. Comey to Sen. Burr, et al., Oct. 28, 2016.) Nine days later, on November 6, 2016, Director Comey wrote a further letter to Congress stating that the newly discovered emails had been reviewed and that “[b]ased on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” (Ltr., Dir. Comey to Sen. Burr, et al., Nov. 6, 2016.) At no point did the government  publically identify the individual who was the subject of the investigation in the “unrelated case” or, insofar as the record before me shows, any other person other than Secretary Clinton. B.
Schoenberg’s Application. During the December 13 hearing, the applicant made plain that he was not seeking the unsealing of any information connected to the “unrelated investigation” referred to  by Director Comey in his public statements. (Dec. 13, 2016 Hearing, Tr. 9-10.) Nevertheless,
Case 1:16-mc-00464-PKC Document 11 Filed 12/19/16 Page 2 of 10
3 the government opposed the unsealing. (Id. at 11.) The Court ordered the government to submit to the Court, ex parte, the search warrant and related documents by 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 15, 2016. (Id. at 12.) The Court invited the government to make a further ex parte submission arguing against unsealing and suggesting redactions in the event that the Court ordered the documents unsealed. (Id.) The Court also ordered applicant to serve his application on the three individuals named within by the end of that day and advise them that the undersigned had ordered that anyone wishing to be heard in the matter was to file a submission  by 5:00 pm on December 15, 2016. (Id. at 13.) On the afternoon of December 15, 2016, the government made an ex parte submission to the Court that attached the following documents: the search warrant, the application for the search warrant, the affidavit in support of the application for the search warrant, and the search warrant return. These documents name two individuals who have never  been publically identified by the FBI as connected to its investigation into Secretary Clinton’s email server, who will be referred to as Subject 1 and Subject 2 in this opinion. As noted, the government effectively withdrew its opposition to Schoenberg’s application, and requested that the materials be unsealed subject to redactions suggested by the government. The government  proposed redacting information identifying Subject 1, who is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation unrelated to Secretary Clinton’s email server, and information related to law enforcement personnel involved in the now closed investigation of Secretary Clinton. The government’s proposal did not redact information identifying Subject 2, who has not been charged with any crime and, so far as is known, is not the subject of any ongoing government investigation.
Case 1:16-mc-00464-PKC Document 11 Filed 12/19/16 Page 3 of 10.
This story is still developing…
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