Dingbat Professor Claims Families Are Incubators For White Supremacy

Louder With Crowder
October 30, 2017

Are you white and a member of a happy family? According to feminist author Jessie Daniels, you’re guilty of perpetuating white supremacy. You probably missed her tweet storm because you and your honky relatives were out buying khakis and tiki torches for your next Klan rally.

Sounds insane to you, right? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, the backlash caused Jess to make her Twitter account private. But, the internet is forever. Behold, screenshots of her tweets:

Translated for us non-lefties. If you’re white and anything other than a single, childless homebody whose closest relationship is with your twelve cats? You might as well be wearing a white pillowcase over your head.

j jonah jameson laughingI don’t even have the jokes that would be funnier than what this dingbat tweeted. We love making funnies at the expense of feminists (see New Feminist Crisis: Sexist ‘Emojis’ are Oppressing Women. Yes, Really… and Proud Feminist Justin Trudeau Shames His Own Sons for Toxic ‘Masculine’ Nature). But, these tweets already read like a parody from The Onion.

I guess what Jess is trying to say is all white people are racist. When we start families, we come together like a Mega-zord in Power Rangers to become super-racists. Then, we knock boots to create mini-racist babies, who grow to be full-sized racists, and the cycle repeats itself. Keep in mind, Jessie shares this “knowledge” with gullible college students on the reg.

These tweets go to show what we’ve been saying for a long time. Leftists are anti-family. Because, to them, the state is the only family you need. Close-knit families foster morality and common sense. You know, things the left despises. So, the only way for them to achieve their goals is for families to go the way of parachute pants.


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