Breitbart Tweets Podesta Has ‘Underage Sex Slave

Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure in March of 2012, but it seems his Twitter account recently got an injection of life. The former founder of Breitbart’s Media group was suddenly noticed sending out an eerie Tweet regarding current top aide to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta. Podesta has been the center of some rather salacious news stories, some of which are linked to child porn rings and satanic worship. While many, if not most, media outlets have found little to no factual evidence to back up the claims, other places, such as Reddit’s The Donald, have not given up their underground investigations.

Breitbart’s odd tweet only led to inspire more chatter about the disgraced aide.


The account appears to be Breitbart’s.

The strangeness that surrounds Andrew Breitbart certainly doesn’t end there. Many believe Breitbart was murdered, rather than the victim of a heart attack, something which the Reddit thread explores. But most news outlets downplay this, including, citing that his father was in the room and saw his son collapse.

Whatever the case, the recent Tweet has fired up the anti-Podesta conspiracy crowd which seems to have no end in narratives.

Breitbart Tweets Podesta Has ‘Underage Sex Slaves’

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