Angry Bill Clinton Accuses Trump Of Racism

Apparently, the Democrats are still an angry bunch over the election loss (go figure). With electorates prepared to give their final votes to solidify the election results today, the former President is apparently extending his tour of bitterness this morning with new statements.

Bill Clinton, speaking to a reporter from, said of Trump that he “doesn’t know much” but “one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

The only “angry, white men” we can see are the ones who aren’t accepting the results of the election. Additionally, the ones who are accusing Russia of manipulating our election results. Otherwise, our country seems more optimistic than it has been for years. Judging from my 401K and mutual fund balances, I’m pretty happy as well. The stock market has been outstanding. Investors are realizing that Trump is the solution to make the country a more prosperous environment again.

Clinton’s comments were published in the newspaper’s print edition.



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