Americans Find Trump More Trustworthy Than Media; Poll

A new national poll finds that Americans see Donald Trump as being more trustworthy than the mainstream media.

The survey, conducted by Emerson College Polling, found that the Trump administration is considered to be truthful by 49% of respondents compared to 48% who think it’s untruthful.

In comparison, the news media is considered to be untruthful by 53% of respondents compared to 39% who find it to be truthful – a 14 point gap.

The numbers suggest that despite their constant attacks on the president’s truthfulness, returned in kind by Trump, the media still has a huge credibility problem amongst the American people.

This perception has undoubtedly been fueled in part by the numerous instances of fake news circulated by the media in recent weeks, including the phony story about Trump having MLK’s bust removed from the oval office.

A rap sheet compiled by the Daily Wire details forty times the mainstream media was caught lying in the last week alone.

President Trump himself shared a link via Twitter to a story that details 16 fake news stories that reporters have run since Trump won.

They include hoaxes such as Nancy Sinatra complaining about Trump using her father’s song at the inaugural ball, as well as resignations at the State Department that never happened and the false claim that Trump had “photoshopped his hands bigger” for a White House photograph.

Americans Find Trump More Trustworthy Than Media; Poll

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