Advisor To Kavanaugh’s Accuser Was Caught On Audio In July Predicting A Coming Plot To Destroy Nomination

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September 24, 2018

A Democratic operative and former Clinton White House official who is now an advisor to Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, predicted a “strategy” to defeat the US Supreme Court nominee months ago.

Ricki Seidman spoke about a plot to take down Kavanaugh in a conference call with the American Constitution Society in July, suggesting  a “strategy will emerge” that would destroy the nomination of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

“I do think that over the coming days and weeks there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee,” Seidman said in audio that was recorded by the Republican National Committee’s War Room. “And whether or not it ultimately defeats the nominee it will, I think, help people understand why it’s so important that they vote.”

The timing of the call in the audio coincides with Ford’s delivery of a letter to Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein in July alleging the assault by Kavanaugh

Seidman, who advised Anita Hill to testify against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991, has also had a long history working with Democrats.

According to her bio at TSD Communications where she is a senior principal, Seidman “took a leave of absence in 2008 to work for President Obama’s general election campaign, serving as Vice President Joe Biden’s communications director. In the spring and summer of 2009, she assisted the White House in the successful confirmation effort for President Obama’s first nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.”

During the Clinton Administration, she served as White House Deputy Communications Director, Counselor to the Chief of Staff, and Director of Scheduling and Advance for the President as well as later serving as Deputy Associate Attorney General in the Department of Justice.

Seidman “cut her teeth running attack ads against Robert Bork, a nomination that was eventually derailed. She then moved to Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy’s office, where she was instrumental in convincing Anita Hill to go public with her claim that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her,” The Daily Caller reported.

Democrats may deny there is a plot to destroy Kavanaugh’s nomination – and his reputation in the process – but the audio clip reveals the real strategies as Seidman is now advising Ford in the political smear campaign.

“This feels more like a Democratic super PAC than a legal effort to get at the truth,” a senior Republican official told Politico.

“If you’re concerned about an appearance of partisanship, hiring a Democratic operative with a history of smearing conservative judges doesn’t exactly mitigate that,” RNC press secretary, Cassie Smedile, said.

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  1. The Democrats have relied on the Supreme Court to rule in their favor on social justice issues they could not get going through the legislative branch. Now with Trumps nomination they see a right leaning court for years to come. I believe this will backfire on the Democrats at mid-term without stopping the Kavannnagh nomination.

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