Self-Driving Cars: Another Control Mechanism for Our Lives?

Technology is the driving force in business, industry and the surveillance-control spectrum of what’s becoming an apparent totalitarian-type of society couched in – and implemented – under the guise of ‘smart technology’.

Besides microwave energy tech devices that now are capable of opening or closing our front doors while we are away at work or, perhaps, some other apparent ‘fabulous’ fete which, by the way, can be hacked into by some two-bit, half-sophisticated hacker, we now have the push for the “self-driving car.”

Self-driving cars are the “dream teams’” next consumer commodity that Americans are being programmed and acculturated to accept, want and, especially, purchase.  Don’t believe that?  Well, please do some research about it.  Speaking of research, the intelligent and obviously astutely concerned folks at Brasscheck TV have put together a sensible, point-on-point video discussion about the self-driving car, which I thought readers may want to know. Read more.

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