Poll: Most Americans Think U.S. Border Most Porous In The World

GRA030 MELILLA, 22/10/2014.- Agentes de Policía junto a algunos de los ochenta inmigrantes que están encaramados desde primera hora a la valla de Melilla, fronteriza con Marruecos, tras el último intento de entrar en la ciudad autonóma protagonizado por varios centenares de subsaharianos, algunos de los cuales, al menos una docena, ha conseguido superar el vallado perimetral. EFE/Francisco G. Guerrero

June 30, 2018

President Donald Trump campaigned and likely won the presidency on his promise to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S, and a new Rasmussen poll shows that a majority of Americans think our border is more porous than in other countries.

“Despite President Trump’s efforts to toughen border enforcement, voters still think it’s easier for illegal immigrants to get into the United States and stay here than in much of the rest of the world,” Rasmussen said about its findings.

The telephone and online survey found just 22 percent of likely voters think it is harder to get into the United States illegally than in other countries, while 39 percent said it is easier. Twenty-six percent said getting into a country illegally is about the same around the globe.

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Breitbart News reported in March that a Quinnipiac poll revealed Republican voters still think immigration is the most important issue in November’s midterm elections, along with the economy.

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