NBC News: Getting Microchipped Is The Wave Of The Future!


Nothing is more hip and cool than being microchipped like a dog and having your social credit score physically embedded within you!

Think of how awesome it will be for our ruling elite you to have your ID, wallet and social credit score on you for surveillance purposes the sake of convenience!

NBC News writes:

Imagine carrying just about everything you need beneath the surface of your hand – your wallet, keys and ID, all in a microchip. That’s reality in Sweden, as some early-adopters implant the tiny devices beneath their skin.

Imagine being tagged with the Mark of the Beast and needing to act as a subservient pleb of our technocratic ruling elite just to buy and sell.

NBC News highlights one clueless looking Swede-feminist saying after getting chipped, “I thought it would be fun, right?”

No doubt getting turned away at the door while entering an Amazon Whole Foods for being a thought criminal because you bought a banned book off Amazon will be a blast!

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  1. RFID will be a horrible thing, as far as G0V Control & SURVEILLANCE!
    Lucifer would have US Believe that! Look at the MARK/[MARK=Sign, Symbol or SEAL] OF YHUH/GOD And You can fig out the M.O.B. EX.31:12-18.

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