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    • Yes, love Judge Jeanine. Megan Kelly’s attitude and disrespect for Newt Gingrich, a former high ranking official, is not true to being a far and balanced reporter.

      • Newt is deserving of no respect from anyone. He is a vile, putrid example of someone who is barely human. Odd comment coming from a lost soul who shows no respect for our CURRENT commander in Chief.

      • I agree Megan should be fired from Fox.She disrespected NEWT GINGRICH
        Facts and suggested he deal with his anger issues. Wow~she was the one that was yelling. SHE ENJOYS TALKING ABOUT SEX.

      • disrespect?? are you kidding me? She was doing her job! He was the one being disrespectful!!! He is the last jackass who should be lecturing anyone about sex! This is the same asshole that has cheated on 2 of his 3 wives! Personally, I can’t stand Megyn Kelly, but she was right on the money this time!

    • We Can Only Hope ,I Quit Watching Megyn Kelly , Months Ago . She Don’T Have Mine Or My Wife’s Support Anymore.

    • I am so happy that Megyn will be gone and Judge Jeanine is coming. I love her. She is great and a strong women. Megyn thought she was better then thou. Yeah! She’s gone. I would turn on the Big Bang Theory when Megyn was on. She is the rudest person I ever saw.

    • Good, on you FOX for replacing Megan, she’s nothing but a sex freak like Newt said, and I’m so glad your bring Judge Pirro back we love her, and almost quit watching Fox when you let her go. So, again your ratings will definitely come back up after getting rid of Megan, she was always waiting to take a dig at Donald, and we got tired of it, I was furious when I was watching her go after Newt.

    • Thanks for the upgrade! Love the JUDGE….. We were fixing to stop watching altogether ! Megan Kelly is biased and rude to her guest! And to ask for a raise of 20m a year ! REALLY ? Megan isn’t worth 1k a year.

    • Hooray! About time! Megan Kelly is so full of herself…she couldn’t be fair and balanced any longer to anyone, much less, Donald Trump!

    • Agree with ALL. Megyn Kelly is so into HERSELF.. and imo, a rino. Will ONLY return to Fox when Kelly is G O N E entirely.

    • I love watching the Judge! I do watch her all the time!!! I sure hope this is true!!!!!
      Sick of Kelly!! Do not watch her!!!!

  1. Our prayers will be answered! In this time of chaotic news going around where no truth is visible from them, the replacement of Megyn by Judge Jeannine is a FRESH BREATH OF AIR for all of us.Megyn has been helping the Libs to muggy up the news and stinks up the air with non-truths . She is a CLOSET LIBERAL who takes big salary from the FOX but secretly placed herself in Hillary’s backpocket. Next to go is Sheppard Smith, another CLOSET LIBERAL. If they want to spew their Liberal thoughts, they shoul find a job in CNN, MSNBC, or any TABLOID news Stations.

    • Shepherd Smith isn’t even closet….he is a member of the “gay libs”…The state of Mississippi must be so embarrassed by this freak.

      • I agree I can’t stand freaking stupid shepherd He is a freaking alien from outer space I turn it off during the hour he’s on and I definitely have boycotted Megyn Kelly as well

      • The only “freak” is you…someone who despises a human being because of his sexual orientation. You are the problem with this country and this country will never be great as long as bigots like you continue to spew hatred.

        • Sorry, Vince, but Keith didn’t say a biased word about Shepherd Smith. He pointed out how much he disliked Smith, and said he was an “alien from outer space.” And when Jane said, “he is a member of the gay libs,” and earlier she used the word “closet,” neither person was complaining about him being gay, especially Keith. Jane was talking about a liberal closet, not a gay one. The only person with a problem is you. With anger and hatred towards people who don’t think just like you. And these two weren’t even biased against gays. It’s all in your head.

    • Tabloid says it all! It is crappy reporting used more to stir up more bias. I am glad she is being replaced and they would be smart to get rid of her totally.

      • I have heard that he was fired, but I’m sorry if they did. I’ve been watching him for years, and I’m a republican. Even though he’s a liberal he’s not, in your face with it. He always stays calm, never raises his voice to talk over someone, and sometimes I even agree with him, gasp. He’s like the total opposite of Whoopie Goldberg.

    • Absolutely, thst is so true! Seems when she got her haircut…Kelly got NASTY! FNC has a real problem. I used to really like Bill Hammer, now he kind of prances around like a prepi. He is from my hometown. Don’t like him either anymore. The FNC has turned leftist, acting like they are on the “right side”. The newscasters/lawyers have been putti g in their “feelings instead of reporting. I like FOX BUSINESS much better. Lou Dobbs is great, love him, Hannity & O’Reilly. At least they are honest. I used to love FNC…not anymore!


  3. Judge Jeanine is a woman of character and honesty. She has common sense and sees things as they are. SHE should be our next President!


    • Megan Kelly is a wolf in wolf clothing. She is a sad little woman who does not know how to be a professional when it counts. She is full of evil brain cells that have died in place and cannot be regenerated except she turn to Jesus.


  6. This would be a wise decision! We FOX viewers have been turning away all through this campaign!! OAN ONE AMERICAN NEWS has won my viewing!! NEWSCASTERS should be just that….REPORT THE NEWS!!! I COULD CARE LESS WHAT THEY THINK!!! I THINK FOR MYSELF!! I PERSONALLY WOULD RETURN TO FOX SOMEWHAT SHOULD THIS TAKE PLACE!!! I ENJOY JUDGE JEANINE!!

  7. Judge Jeanine has class, education and the ability to dance circles around Megan Kelly. Megan seems to have just gotten to main stream media. I quit watch her a long time ago.

  8. I love judge Jeanine so so right on. Kelly makes a fool of hersel. Fact check some of her stories and she lies like Hillary. I literally turn TV off when she comes on.

  9. I love judge Jeanine so right on. Kelly makes a fool of herself. Fact check some of her stories and she lies like Hillary. I literally turn TV off when she comes on.

  10. I completely agree that Megyn Kelly should be fired and replaced by Judge Piro. I have not watched her for some months but I did tune in because she was having Newt on. Newt kicked her butt and she showed just how biased she is.

  11. I stopped watching her show the night after the first primary debate. Both Kelly and Baier tried to make it about them. She is terrible and I wonder how the advertisers for her show feel with her ratings in the tank. If she wanted to argue with the candidates, then run for office. Don’t hide behind FOX and a law degree from a marginal law school. Also, I do not watch Baier’s show anymore.

  12. Megan Kelly let her ego take over. If her contribution to Hillary campaign is true, she should have disclosed same. SHE’S had it in for Trump since her first”gotcha” question @first primary debate. FOX set her up as a primodama & it backfired. SHE dresses like she’s going clubbing,rather than a classy news anchor. SHE finally blew it with her attack on Pence & Newt on same night. Newt put her in her place. People showed their dislike for her, by turning the channel.Hannity had to be diplomatic on radio,by defending her, but the public has seen through her ego & liberal side. Judge Judy deserves a,program prime time, not just on weekends. IF she can’t commit, thrn bring GRETA,back. She’s not the sexy princess like Megan, but a fantastic journalist.

  13. GOOD!!!! So sick of Kelly. She is a jerk and journalism is not her greatest asset. The judge is fair and balanced even though we all know she is a Donald Trump supporter. Kelly should have been gone during the primary when she showed her ass. Newt set her straight and I hope the powers at be for Fox News set up and paid attention when she told Newt he needed anger management. Seriously!!!!! Go Kelly.go on your way. We are totally sick of your bias reporting. Join Allison Camerata at the Clinton News Network. Kelly would fit in great there. You will not be missed.

  14. I stopped watch Megan Kelly last summer when she attacked Trump and I don’t even care for him. I love judge Piero I may watch again… Shep Smith needs to go too!!!

  15. I stopped watching due to the lack of respect that Ms Kelly has shown and her bias makes one believe she is on the Clinton payroll. Complete removal of this person would be the best for ratings.

  16. We want Fox News to be Fair and Balanced, most importantly to tell the truth. Also not to be biased.
    We are excited that Judge Jeanine Pirro will be chosen.

  17. I really do hope this is true Heffer Kelly is gone. After her showing on Fox with and about Trump and Newt, we have had enough! She acted like trash on being a guest on Howard Stern show! And what the heck is with her hair, and dress apparel. She really could not know how unprofessional she looks? She looks like a high dollar hooker!! Yuck!!

  18. I sure hope so. Kelly needs to move over to CNN or some other biased liberal station where she will be right at home. I love the Judge. She is intelligent, beautiful and hones.

  19. Great news I might go back and watch Fox News.MEGAN KELLY HAS BEEN AGAINST TRUMP FROM THE GET GO!I believe she sabotaged Mr.Trump with those scandals of sex lies were constantly being mentioned.Was sick of hearing these lies.Turned of Megan Kelly! Clinton has Kelly in her pocket!Love Jugde Pirro.She is one smart cookie.Says it they way it is.Shes a judge and knows all of Clintons scandals are felonies! WE NEED TO PUT CLINTON AND HER CRONIES IN JAIL!

  20. Telling a former speaker of the house to work on his anger issues as he is about to be cut off for the end of the interview was despicable and shows her only come back to common sense was to make it personal. I hope this story is true.

  21. It’s sad how such a promising talent has plummeted to such a biased ego driven newscaster. She is definitely in the tank for Clinton, & should do well at CNN. I thought she was not just a pretty face; now believe she is just a liberal pretty face.

  22. Whew. About time. I was worn out by Megan’s conceit and rudeness. She would introduce a guest and then proceed to do 75 percent of the talking. One good thing — it enabled us to find Strange Inheritance on another channel. An excellent show.

  23. ROFL Faux is not going to replace Kelly anytime soon. Her contract expires Summer of next year so IF it’s going to happen it’s still several months away. Besides, Ruppert is not going to allow Judge Judy to have a timeslot so sacred.

  24. All programming on FOX News has suffered because of Megyn Kelly. I turned her off last fall right after that fiasco first debate, where she attacked Trump. At that time I was not a Trump supporter in any way, but her actions really turned me off, so I turned her off. After that I started watching less and less FOX news, and over the months it has dropped to the point where I watch O’Rielly and Hannity maybe once a week now, if that! It all stems back to me avoiding Megyn Kelly. I know for certain that I am not alone in this, and that many others have done exactly the same. FOX News has got to have noticed the overall drop in viewers, on all programs, and they have got to know it stems from Megyn Kelly and her actions on that network. If she is replaced with Jeanine Pirro, I will return to watch, and most likely stick around for the rest of the lineup.

  25. Would be great news if true! I hate Megyn Kelly. Love Jeanie P. I think that nasty exchange helped Trump. We are pissed!!!!!

  26. Good choice. Megyn Kelly has shown her true colors……..I was shocked that she had the nerve to atrack Neat Gingrich in such a disrespectful way!

  27. The report is Fox is looking to replace Megan. I think she is not taking her job seriously or maybe too serious!!

  28. If Fox is smart they will do it. I refuse to watch Megan anymore. She fits the other Clinton networks agenda so she will provably go to work with one of them. I still will turn the channel if she is on the air.

  29. I tried to tell you. Megyn. Humility can be a virtue. I use to like her a lot but she got too big for her britches on the Kelly Files. Way to go Newt.

  30. Megan Kelly is Gestapo trained and paid for by the left to ruthlessly attack Trump and all he stands for. Will be good to have a nice honest person take over an Judge Janine is a great choice.

  31. Judge Jeanine Pirro tells it like it is! Megyn took her own self down by not moving on to current issues! Give them Hell Judge Jeanine,I will be watching!

  32. Glad to read that Fox news Has come to its senses.Kelly is a snide,smart mouthed,narcisstic partisan who is in love with herself and her reporting shows her bias and lip farting ways.

  33. I was thinking that Fox was turning into a CNN MSN and other dummies. Fox was a favorite. I have not turned the TV on for a while, just Hannity, and re-runs Star Track. Juan is a ringer to spur conversation. And by the way was megyn contaminating the others at backroom talks with killery:It split friends and families when these have limited media coverage. You do not believe in protecting USA soldiers. And it is killary who bombarded Syria, idiots. You want Russia to take the fall cuz killary says so to ruin USA. WHY – And sex old scandals? You did not gain killary voters you lost viewers.

  34. I am sorry to see Megan go, I think she has what it takes to be top rate newscaster However the 1st debate was a debacle. If I were working for a news station where the tagline is “fair and balanced” and I was being paid by the company I would make more of an effort to be just that “fair and balanced”.

    I wish Megan the best in her future endeavors. Stay tuned she will do well. I hope she has learned a lesson from backing candidates who very soon be convicted of criminal acts.

  35. I hope this is true, as I saw a post with Kelly in sexy photo post. Very hypocritical and unprofessional. Pot calling the kettle black, made me very angry. I wont watch her anymore. Looking for impartially when listining to the news, looking for the truth only. Thanks

  36. I am not from the USA. But I can say with a doubt that we have all been so disappointed by all the media up there. I use to critisize (spelling?)my own media until this USA political campaign…. I see that big money buys media, anywhere in the world. What has happened to objectivity? To clean reporting? unbiased at that?

  37. Wahoo! I love judge Jeannine! As an attorney myself she is always spot on with her legal analysis. Brilliant Conservative woman. Much better looking and classier than that troll Megyn!

  38. Yep it time for Megyn Kelly to go after her rant about Trump calling him a sex predator to Newt. He put her in her place. She needs to go.

  39. I didn’t like Megyn either. She is a Snob. She like to talk all the time and didn’t let anyone talk, that didn’t agree with her. She thinks she is real cool, I guess she is finding out, she isn’t.

  40. I didn’t like Megyn either. She is a Snob. She like to talk all the time and didn’t let anyone talk, that didn’t agree with her. She thinks she is real cool, I guess she is finding out, she isn’t.

  41. Yes!!!! The judge is an excellent choice. We quit watching Fox whenever Megyn was on. Her ego has gotten in the way of her ability to cover news. Send her to CNN or just out to pasture!

  42. I stopped watching Megan Kelley after the way she handled(she thought) at the debate..I thought then she is a perfect National NEWS (RAG SHEET) reporter..Maybe they might hire her there! Love Judge Jeanine Piro she is the BEST …YOU”ll Have me for all night VIEWING!!!GOOD SHOW FOX!!!!

  43. Yes!!! Put Megyn out to pasture. Her ego has gotten in the way of quality reporting. Her big attitude is one reason we don’t watch Fox whenever she is on. Thank you! Judge Jeanine is a great choice!

  44. Smart move!! Megan Kelly is a different person since she got her own prime time show, and it wasn’t for the better!! Judge Jeanine has a much better head on her shoulders!

  45. Good. Haven’t had any respect for her since last year durning the first candidate debate & her stupid question to Trump. She sounded just like the drive by media. Never turned her show on again always changed the channel after O’Rielly.


  47. I’ve been all in for Megyn Kelly ever since we spent the weekend together in Paris. She is one hot babe. I love her.

  48. Love the judge…will watch every night…time for Megyn to go… …you have to be fair…shame on her…disappointing…I always watched her…no more.

  49. I haven’t watched Megyn Kelly since she went after Trump so hard during the Primary debates; I think it was the first debate where she started off with her badgering questions and showing her utter distain for him WHICH WASNT FAIR TO HIM! Her disdain for Donald was clearly obvious and ever since she’s been snarky when it comes to him and she appears to have as her guests people that are just as snarky as she is about him. Furthermore one can see the hatred she harbors for Donald and America as a whole loves Donald and we are EXTREMELY offended by her total lack of respect for him! One can see her vindictiveness and hatred for him IN HER FACE, EXPRESSIONS, AND EYES! Donald Trump is a good man! That silly locker room video about him is NOTHING compared to what Hillary Clinton has done to this country and what has come out of WikiLeaks about her!! America as a whole love Donald Trump and want him BIGLY as our next President – “the people’s President”. We LOVE Judge Jeannie Piro and our guy Sean Hannity (LOVE HIM TOO)! They both keep us on the edge of our seats with good TRUTHFUL news and dialog that is ALWAYS interesting and fasinating. When they get off we miss them and can’t wait to see them again! As for Megyn with all the “sexy poses” in half naked garb it appears she had much rather be a porn star than newscaster! Those sleazy pics don’t go with Fox News Megyn! Hannity and Judge Jeannie resonates with us! Megyn is the epitome of that old saying “pretty is as pretty does” and I’m afraid that ugliness on the inside of her cancels out any outer beauty!

  50. Yes Megan Kelly should be replaced and so should Shepard Smith they can go to any of the other networks,if it was not for Roger Allis they would both be NOBODY’S please put Judge Jenniene Piro on in Megan Kellys place and please find a good conservative reporter to replace Shepard Smith. The Liberals have all the other networks, please leave Fox news to us conservatives

  51. Wise move for Fox. Love Jeanine Pirro. Megan was so anti-Trump it was ugly. I couldn’t understand how blind she was about Killery’s despicable actions: dismissive attitude about the men killed at Benghazi, thousands of deleted emails, the pay for play money, Killery’s treatment towards her staff and secret service agents hired to protect her. Megan was so focused on painting Trump as a sexual predator yet she turned a blind eye to all of Bill Clinton’s indiscretions and many of them took place in the White House. So glad she will be leaving. The ousting will wipe the smile off her face.

  52. Great news! Won’t watch Megyn Kelly at all. Hope the change takes place soon. I won’t watch election coverage on Fox if Megyn Kelly is any part of the reporting!

  53. Oh my gosh, that would be such a nice change for Fox….I stopped watching Megyn months ago, i’m thinking 8 months….just got sick of the same old stuff and that mouth of her’s. Put Judge Jeanine in that spot and I will come back.

  54. I’m not claiming to be a fan of Megyn Kelly, Judge Jeanine or Fox News for that matter.
    But who ARE you? you do not sight sources, you do absolutely no fact checking (not even a simple google search) and you spout garbage as if it fact simply because it comes out of your mouth.The Kelly File is the #2 show in ALL of cable news. Justice with Judge… consistently loses her timeslot to CNN. You have absolutely no Idea what you are talking about.

    I hope you don’t claim to be a news source.
    I pray your listeners come to you for entertainment only.

    I will not be listening to you again. I will encourage others not to also.

    I wish you would find something productive to do with your time.

  55. I sure hope this becomes reality!! I love Judge Jeanine,she would be such a great asset. Would love to watch her five days a week, 2 isn’t enough!! I have not or will not watch Megan ever again, she needs a major attitude adjustment,stat. Good move Fox, get rid of her.

  56. I used to really like Kelly. She was fresh and spunky and seemed to have a bright future. That is, until she got that evening slot. Then, the whole “girl-next-door” persona fell apart. Seems she got on an ego or power trip or … something. It just got harder and harder to watch her snip and snipe at guests and other reporters. (It was like she was trying to channel a feminine version of O’Reilly!) Her ‘Special Reports’ were painful attempts to garner viewers? At least, they were painful for me; all hype and little substance. The “apology” to Trump? Well, either “the powers that be” at FOX insisted on it or she was wanting to remain in the spotlight (with their well publicized tiff) a bit longer. So much potential… ?Sad.

  57. It’s about time. Kelly should have been removed after the first debate of republican candidate when she asked Trump such an inappropriate question.

  58. Used to like Megyn Kelly but stopped watching her when she traded in her journalistic chops to be a Progressive propagandist. Her performance in the first GOP Debate was beyond pathetic. Despite her best efforts to call her attempt to knock Trump out of the running good journalism, the public obviously disagrees. Ultimately, Trump survived the attempted lynching and it just set in motion a chain reaction of events that would ruin Kelly’s career at Fox News. What goes around, comes around. I can’t say that I’m sad to see her go.


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