Is Your iPhone’s Facebook Messenger Set To Spy On Your Conversations?

The other day I was driving and talking to my friend about potentially going to a local steak restaurant in town that evening. When we stopped at the store, I hit Facebook mobile and quickly (and surprisingly) noticed an ad for that restaurant being displayed.

Nope, I never communicated regarding this restaurant over messenger via type. I never posted a status update over it. I don’t like the restaurant’s page on Facebook. I never comment on their statuses or anyone else who goes to the restaurant. And most odd, I’ve never seen their ads before that moment.

Strange? Well, it could be a crazy coincidence, but the truth is, I’ve noticed other suspicious examples of this. So is this due to Facebook Messenger spying on my conversations?

According to Deprogram Yourself, it apparently is…”listening to us.”

My suggestion: If you have messenger on your phone delete it. Then re-download it and read the terms of agreement. This is sheer lunacy. Also for those who didn’t know this one, check out this video. This news is actually about 5-7 years old.

Notice what the government has made cell phone makers do now? Notice you can’t take the battery out? Cellphone users who attempt to install the Facebook Messenger app are asked to agree to terms of service that allow the social networking giant to use the microphone on their device to record audio at any time without their permission. As the screenshot below illustrates (click to enlarge), users are made to accept an agreement that allows Facebook to “record audio with the microphone… at any time without your confirmation.”

The TOS also authorizes Facebook to take videos and pictures using the phone’s camera at any time without permission, as well as directly calling numbers, again without permission, that could incur charges. But wait, there’s more! Facebook can also “read your phone’s call log” and “read data about contacts stored on your phone, including the frequency with which you’ve called, emailed or communicated in other ways with specific individuals.”

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