How 4chan Pranked MSM Into Reporting Viral Fake News About Florida Shooter Belonging To A White Supremacist Group

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Question: What do you get when you have a large group of rabble-rousers at 4chan, using a voice chat program to plot and scheme, mixed with the mainstream media looking to find a narrative that fits their agenda? Answer: A fake news story that goes viral, to which millions of Americans that still trust the mainstream media now think the “fake news” is true.


The day after Nikolas Cruz was arrested for opening fire at a Florida high school, killing 17 people, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claimed in a headline “Florida White Supremacist Group Admits Ties to Alleged Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz,” in article that has since been updated to reflect how they were conned into helping to start the fake news story, after the AP, ABC News and others had already used their initial false and manufactured claim to push the false narrative into the minds of millions as it spread across the internet and into many MSM publications.

Via Politico:

“A spokesperson for the white supremacist group Republic of Florida (ROF) told the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday, February 15, that Nikolas Cruz [….] was associated with his group,” the ADL reported. The ADL quoted a man named Jordan Jereb, who runs the small group, which is based in Tallahassee.

“Jereb added that ROF had not ordered or wanted Cruz to do anything like the school shooting,” the ADL wrote in a blog post that was quickly picked up by ABC News and The Associated Press, and later percolated through dozens of other media outlets. Even The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, picked up the claim.

That is how fake news is created these days by the MSM. They run with an unverified article by the ADL, reporting on something the ADL was told by some guy, get the police to waste their time debunking it, as the Leon County Sheriff’s office later stated they found “no known ties” between the ROF group and Cruz, but not before it went viral across the Internet.

According to reports this campaign to create a fake news viral story began on 4chan, which apparently understood just how easily they could dupe the MSM, as they discussed how they would convince the mainstream media that Cruz was a member of a white supremacist group, plotting much of their way using Discord, which is a voice chat application that allows multiple people to speak online together from wherever they are, even sharing screen shots of their discussions with members of the MSM, while crowing and celebrating every time a MSM source reported on their fake news.

Donovan called this an instance of “source hacking,” a tactic by which fringe groups coordinate to feed false information to authoritative sources such as ADL researchers. These experts, in turn, disseminate the information to reporters, and it reaches thousands of readers before it can be debunked.

“It’s a very effective way of getting duped,” Donovan said.

The ADL traced its original tip to posts on 4chan, where researchers found “self-described ROF members” claiming that Cruz was a brother-in-arms. But many of those posts seem to have been written specifically to deceive reporters and researchers.

On Wednesday, an anonymous 4chan user posted about receiving a message on Instagram from an ABC News reporter after making a joke suggesting he knew Cruz.

“Prime trolling opportunity,” another user replied.

“You have to take advantage of this,” a third chimed in.

He asked for proof of the reporter’s identity, according to posted screenshots from their correspondence. The reporter provided an official email address and sent a photo of an ABC identification badge.

Some on the 4chan thread joked about sending back obscene photos, but others gave concrete tips for tricking the reporter: “Keep talking to her so she gains your trust”; “Keep this going be realistic … say you have known him for years you met him on a Liberal Facebook page years ago and you have kept in touch”; “Say you are scared to tell her in case you get blamed, it will get her excited you know something big.”


That was just the beginning of 4chan’s efforts to troll the media, use their own bias and agenda driven reporting to dupe them and publicly humiliate them into spreading disinformation to Americans. At one point it appears this group of rabble-rousing internet trolls spent 18 hours on Discord “orchestrating, contacting ABC, being interviewed by reporters, etc.”

The entire Politico article detailing how 4chan plotted and scheme, sharing images of random ROF members with faces covered, to choose one to hand the MSM and claim that was Cruz participating in ROF events, is a must-read, but one quote from one of these plotters, says it all.

“All it takes is a single article,” the first user wrote back. “And everyone else picks up the story.”

Isn’t that the truth?!?

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We have seen this happen time after time from the mainstream media. CNN reports and “exclusive” that former FBI Director James Comey was going to “refute” President Trump’s assertion that he was told by the FBI director that he wasn’t personally under investigation, three separate times, and all the news services picked up the story and ran with it. Then Comey’s statement came out confirming the President was telling the truth, right down to the number of times he was told that by Comey, and boom, CNN changes their headline, the text of their article and backtracks, while only some of the others even bothered.

Washington Post reported that Russia hacked into the U.S. Power grid, then had to offer a correction, change their story, and two days later wrote an article saying Russia didn’t hack into the grid, but dozens of liberal media sites had already spread the false information.

CNN rushed to report a leak saying Donald Trump Jr. had received an encrypted link to information from Wikileaks that hadn’t been made public. Other networks ran with the story, some even claiming their own sources had confirmed the information. The actual email from some random Trump support then gets released and the date on it, was 10 days later than CNN, and others had claimed, which happened to be after Wikileaks had made the information public.

ABC News, Brian Ross, then reported a fake news about a Michael Flynn plea deal. Once again, all the major networks ran with it, before it was exposed as fake news, resulting not only in Brian Ross being suspended, but it tanked the stock market by over 350 points.


Those are just a few of the examples of the outright fake news the MSM has pushed over the last year, many more can be found here, listed as part of President Trump’s “fake news awards.”

The point here is that the 4chan trolls understand that all it takes is one false lead, using the MSM’s own bias, and they can humiliate the MSM by getting them to spread that fake news on the internet. By the time corrections are issued, when liberal media bothers to issue them at all, the initial story has already been read and spread, and not many people even see the corrections and updates, leaving millions of misinformed Americans to continue spread the initial fake story.



While not a member of 4chan, we have often been entertained by some of their antics, like the hilarious trolling they did with Shia LeBeouf and his anti-Trump “He will not divide us” idiocy, but a look around the Internet, we do get the answer of why they have now targeted the MSM for their trolling entertainment.

My initial theory as to why 4chan is now targeting the MSM with their antics and trolling, was the members of their board were probably sick and tired of the MSM consistently claiming that right-wing conservatives were all “alt-right,” then label the “alt-right as “white nationalists,” and throwing them all under the “white supremacist” umbrella, so they could blame the “right” for everything bad that happens across the country, and if any of the 4chan members read this, feel free to email or comment and let me know if that has something to do with it.

Rather than me claiming to “know” what is in their minds as they celebrate their successful prank on the MSM, I hunted around and found an explaination on the  “reason this is good,” in their opinion, in relation to this latest trolling of the MSM.

I have actually seen people saying this is not good. And I’m just like. lolwut.

Of course it is good. Humiliating the media is always good, and doing that while totally blowing the credibility of the ADL as a reliable source for information is quadruple good.

Basically, there was a 6 hour news barrage across the entire planet based on a 4chan post because the ADL will just believe any internet rumor they hear and order the media to spam it.

This demonstrates, fully, that Jewish ethnic activist groups such as the media and the ADL are so obsessed with blaming white identity movements for violence that they will act recklessly and in a totally deranged fashion.

This makes the whole idea of constantly blaming white people for everything look retarded, and it will lead to any future event where they try to do this being questioned. Because before this, they were able to get away with like, “oh this one thing he posted on Facebook – he’s a Nazi” – that sh*t isn’t going to fly anymore.

Beyond all of that: this sh*t is just fucking hilarious. This is your mainstream media, which claims that it is above reproach, not even attempting to confirm a story before they spam the entire planet with it. This was like a Sam Hyde shooter meme times six million.

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While there is absolutely nothing entertaining or amusing about a school shooting nor the deaths of innocents, seeing the mainstream media once again exposed as reporting “fake news” without confirmation, simply because it affirms their own bias and fits with their ideological agenda, highlights how sloppy and irresponsible they have become, and how fast they are willing to run with anything that matches their preferred narrative, whether true or not.

We can question the event the 4chan members, using what has been dubbed “weaponized autism,” chose to troll the media, what we cannot question was how well they understood how fast the MSM would jump on an outright fake story line, just because it fit their agenda.

Below, Youtuber Mr. Obvious walks us through exactly how 4chan created this huge hoax and played the media, as he followed the threads as it happened.

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