Earth Will Experience 15 Days of Darkness in November

Tourists watch the sun being blocked by the moon during a solar eclipse in the Australian outback town of Lyndhurst, located around 700 kilometres (437 miles) north of Adelaide December 4, 2002. The town is one of only four in Australia where the 26 second-long full eclipse of the sun could be seen and occurred during celebrations for the Year of the Outback. The shadow path of whats called totality, where the 'diamond ring' effect becomes visible, can be seen on a path that is just 36 kilometres wide. REUTERS/David Gray DG/CP - RTREU1E
NASA Confirms Once Again
Earth Will Experience 15 Days
of Darkness in November 2016
This Is not a drill, Washington, D.C. ( NewsWatch33) – NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness which starts between November 15 and 29, 2016. The event, according to NASA, has been waiting for this pronominal event to happen.

Astronomers from NASA have indicated that the world will remain in complete darkness starting Sunday, November 15, 2016 at 3:00 am and will end on Monday, November 30, 2016 at 4:45 pm.According to officials, (the November blackout will be caused by an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter).

Charles Bolden, who was appointed to the head of NASA by ‘president’ Obama, issued a 1000 page document explaining the event to the White House.

According to the report, Venus and Jupiter will engage in a close parallelism, only being separated by 1 degree. Venus will pass to the South-west of Jupiter, causing Venus to shine 10 times Brighter than Jupiter. The light from Venus will heat up the gases on Jupiter causing a reaction.

The gaseous reaction will release an unprecedented amount of hydrogen into space. The hydrogen gas will make contact with Earth’s Sun at approximately 2:50 am. The amount of hydrogen making contact with the Sun will cause a massive explosion on the Sun’s surface temperature to increase to 9,000 degrees kelvin in an instant.

The Sun will then attempt to cease the explosion by emitting heat from its core, (diagram shows above)

The heat will cause the Sun to dim to a bluish color. Once the Sun reaches the Bluish color, it will take approximately 14 days to restore its normal surface temperature, returning its color of the Red Giant.While the Sun is cooling the surface, the light from the sun will be much dimmer because it takes anywhere from 7 – 8 and a half minutes, depending on the Earth’s rotation, for light from the Sun to hit Earth.  People will not know the event has happened until 2:58 am on November 15th.

Bolden held a conference with Obama Administration to discuss further details of the Blackout” event. According to Bolden, “We do not expect any major effects from the blackout event. The only effect this event will have on Earth is an increase of 6 – 8 degrees in temperature. The polar cap will be mostly affected by this. No one should worry much. This event would be similar to what Alaskans experience in the winter”.Boleden further added, “The only other effect it will have is everyone will get to have a true Black Friday after Thanksgiving.”

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