Chester Bennington’s Family & Friends Claim Media Guilty Of Murder Cover Up

Close friends and family of Chester Bennington claim the Linkin Park frontman did not commit suicide, but was murdered in a cover up that implicates music industry executives and mainstream media. 

The Twitter account of Chester Bennington’s wife, Talinda Ann Bentley, published a series of extraordinary messages in the hours immediately following Bennington’s death. In one tweet the account claimed that the singer did not commit suicide.

Media outlets have all claimed the Twitter account must have been hacked, though none have provided any evidence to back up their speculation.

The tweet sent by Bennington’s wife’s Twitter account. It was later removed without explanation.

Many fans are disturbed by the idea Bentley’s account was hacked at the same time as her husband’s death, pointing out the unlikely claiming it lends credibility to the theory of a widespread conspiracy and cover up. Others believe she sent the tweets in a state of panic, before a handler stopped her from sending any further messages to the public.

[Police: Chester Bennington Was Murdered]

Bennington’s friends are now beginning to come forward and express strong reservations about the suicide verdict in much the same way as Cornell’s friends after his death last month.  Fellow musician, Chris Keene, opened up on Facebook, explaining that he has “kept his mouth shut on this for a while due to fear of backlash“, but he has now decided to speak out.

“I’m letting it all out. Chris and Chester were murdered. I’m not buying this suicide shit for 1 minute. Anyone who knows about Chris and Chester knows they were best friends. Chester was even Chris’ sons Godfather. The 2 of them worked together in the Chris and Vickey Cornell foundation who helped prevent the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children.


Chris Cornell’s wife has also refused to accept the coroner’s verdict that her husband committed suicide, as investigators continue finding suspicious circumstances in the details of his death in Detroit last month.

Chester Bennington was god-father to all three of Cornell’s children, and was deeply involved in Chris and Vicky Cornell’s foundation that was created to help protect the most vulnerable children from abuse. Bennington was continuing the work of his father, who was a detective who worked on child abuse cases, as well as attempting to ensure children do not suffer the sexual abuse that he did as a young person.

Chris Cornell was actively working to protect vulnerable children from abuse, including in Haiti.

Industry insiders and friends of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell claim the pair were working on exposing key music industry figures who are involved in an elite pedophile ring. They say Cornell and Bennington were both murdered, in eerily similar circumstances, one month apart, in order to cover up the high level crimes.


Mainstream media outlets are launching attacks on anybody who dares to suggest the eerily similar deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington are suspicious and deserve further investigation.

U.S. fact checking sites were quick to “debunk” claims that Bennington and Cornell’s deaths may be linked, or that there is an active investigation into Bennington’s death, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Media outlets from as far afield as the United Kingdom and New Zealand dashed off hastily written, completely uninformed articles declaring the idea that Bennington’s death was suspicious to be “fake news”. These sick, vile media outlets, operating from the other side of the world, have demonstrated a total lack of understanding of the details of the two cases.

A common thread in all of the mainstream media “debunks” is to claim that Chris Cornell’s autopsy does not mention anything regarding 9 cracked ribs or head wounds. However this is easily proved wrong.


Chris Cornell’s autopsy can be accessed by clicking here. The autopsy report clearly mentions 9 fractured ribs and a head wound on page 2. These injuries are unexplained by the official ruling of suicide by the coroner. Mainstream media and fact checking sites are attempting to mislead the kind of people who do not dig below the surface and do their own research.

Disreputable fact checking sites that receive advertising revenue from the likes of Monsanto – one of the world’s most deceitful, poisonous companies – have joined in the attempt to keep the public misinformed and apathetic.

Be very careful when reading misleading mainstream news. Do not accept on face value the bold claims they make in their headlines and opening paragraphs. Dig below the surface, do your own research, and attempt to confirm their claims. You will often find that you cannot.

Powerful and wealthy music industry elites are scrambling to cover up their crimes, conspiring with mainstream media to keep the public misinformed and apathetic.

Over 90% of the mainstream media in the United States is owned by six corporations. A handful of media oligarchs, in collusion with Hollywood and music industry elite, are conspiring to keep the public in the dark on many issues – including this one.

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