STUDY: Facebook Comments Reveals Anti-Vaxxers ‘More Logical, Science Based’

There are two sure-fire ways to ruin Christmas dinner. Bring up Trump and Hillary, or bring up the subject of vaccines. In both cases, relatives are likely to become infuriated on either side of the issue.

The debate on vaccines is polarizing. It turns normal, caring human beings into vile, attacking militias. The arguments can be brutal, offensive and insulting. One recent study set out to try to find out which side of the issue was the most reasonable and logical. They used an image / post by Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, back in January of 2016. The image shows his daughter at the pediatrician about to get vaccines. His pro-vaccine post has resulted in over 3 million comments, well enough for a little research. So what did the researchers find while extracting data from the comments?

Not what some of you might think.

Both sides expressed similar levels of anger, but the most significant finding was that the pro-vaccine comments were more emotional and fearful, while the anti-vax comments were more logically structured, and tended more toward ideas related to health, biology, research, and science.

According to study co-author Leslie R. Martin, PhD., a researcher specializing in personality and psychosocial predictors of health and mortality risk at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA, it was a “very surprising” outcome.

“What we really expected going in was that the people who are anti-vaccination or who are hesitant would be more inflammatory, much more negative, very emotional, and not demonstrating logical thought processes, and that those on the pro side would be very logical and persuasive in a thoughtful and complex way,” Martin said.

The anti-vaccination camp will certainly find this information validating. The pro-vaccination camp, well, they are sure to bypass this as nothing more than agenda based research. Ironically, vaccinations are propped up by Pharmaceutical companies who commonly finance pro-vaccine studies which are shared by vaccine proponents.

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