NFL Owners May Require Players To Stand For National Anthem

NFL hoists white flag to America

Kit Daniels
Oct. 10, 2017

Faced with collapsing ratings, NFL team owners may make it mandatory for players to stand for the national anthem.

The owners will discuss the change during a meeting next week, CNBC has reported.

This comes after President Trump said the NFL shouldn’t get “massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem, flag and country.”

The NFL has been losing viewers after more and more of its players – and team owners – started kneeling for the national anthem over the past few weeks.

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“Through three weeks, viewership for national telecasts of NFL games is down 11 percent this season compared to 2016,” the AP reported on Sept. 27. “Nielsen said the games averaged 17.63 million viewers for the first three weeks of last season, and have dipped to 15.65 million this year.”

President Trump initially weighed in on the controversy on Sept. 22 when he said owners should “fire or suspend” players who kneel.

That said, NFL ratings were already in freefall after former quarterback Colin Kaepernick started protesting the national anthem in 2016, months before Trump took office.

The president attacked the NFL once he realized that fans were tuning out due to the sport’s anti-American bias, which is expected given how the establishment uses mass entertainment to preach the “virtues” of globalism:

“By and large, most NFL fans pull the lever for Republicans more often than they say they do —including most fans of ‘Democratic’ teams [in leftist cities],” reported Bloomberg in 2014. “In fact, the fan bases of 23 teams show a propensity to vote more Republican than they claim, versus only six teams’ fans who vote more Democratic.”

The decline is so bad that some are even suggesting American football may devolve into a regional sport like baseball, especially given how more parents are wary of allowing their sons to play due to the emerging studies on brain injuries related to football.

“Former pro-football player and convicted killer Aaron Hernandez has ‘the most severe case’ of CTE Boston University researchers have ever seen,” the Dayton Daily News reported, and it’s worth adding he died at the age of 27 and wasn’t even near the prime of his career when he was arrested for murder in 2013.

NFL Owners May Require Players to Stand For National Anthem

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