Gardasil HPV Vaccine Trial Using Infants As Young As One Year Of Age

Pediatrician giving a three month baby girl intramuscular injection in arm. Child looking anxiously at a doctor

For years I have said the goal was to add Gardasil to the infant (vaccine) schedule. It appears that’s where we are headed.

This clinical trial will look at two of the four strains of HPV contained in the Quadrivalent Gardasil vaccine.

4-valent Gardasil, licensed in 2006, initially targeted older adolescent girls and young adult women. The age range was 19-26 and the vaccine was introduced as an “anti-cancer vaccine.”

When Gardasil was released, the marketing campaign claims touted it as a preventive specifically for cervical cancer. That’s why it was only recommended for girls and young women.

Gardasil Vaccine Historically NOT a Popular Vaccine

After Gardasil had been on the market for a while, its reputation, which was never very good, got worse as reports of severe adverse reactions and numerous deaths started to circulate.

People were saying “No” to Gardasil. Even people who never questioned any other vaccines didn’t want this one for their wives and daughters. The uptake of the vaccine was low and falling.

Age Recommendation Lowered to Boost Sales – Boys Included

In order to increase the number of vaccines sold, the age for administration was lowered to 12. There was a minor outcry, but nothing significant, and it died down quickly.

Then came the recommendation for girls AND boys as young as 9 years to be vaccinated because NOW they say Gardasil doesn’t just “prevent” cervical cancer, it also “prevents” oral and anal cancer, AND since boys can also contract HPV and boys have sex with girls, “It’s only responsible to get your sons vaccinated so they don’t spread HPV to our daughters.”

This was how they justified the recommendation for boys, who obviously do not have a cervix.

Infants Are Next

Watching the above scenario play out over the last few years, it quickly became pretty apparent that Gardasil was headed for the infant (vaccine) schedule.

The reason they started with older adolescents and adults was because they knew there would be an uproar if they went straight for the infants with “a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease.”

You may think this sounds like a conspiracy theory.

“Where’s the proof?”

Gardasil contains 2 strains of HPV that are reportedly associated with cervical cancer. Those are HPV 16 & 18.

The other two strains are HPV 6 & 11. They are not associated with cancer. They are reportedly associated with recurrent respiratory infections.

Who is most at risk for severe outcomes from respiratory infections?


This was planned from the beginning. If it wasn’t, why would HPV 6 & 11 be in a vaccine for cervical cancer?

You may think this is “unbelievable.” You may think this is just “over the top” and “insanity.” Those are things I’ve seen in comments since I first posted this photo …

CDC Has History of Routinely Vaccinating Infants for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

It’s not unbelievable and it’s not over the top for the CDC and ACIP.

They’ve done this before.

They did it with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Hepatitis B vaccine was initially introduced and targeted at-risk adults, including those who engaged in promiscuous sex (heterosexual and homosexual) and IV drug users. Other “at-risk” populations included hospital workers (due to potential exposure to infected blood and body fluids) and people who were incarcerated or institutionalized.

The problem was, just as has happened with Gardasil, they couldn’t get the numbers up. They couldn’t get enough adults to take the vaccine (Hep B), so they added it to the infant schedule, because that’s when they could “get everyone.”

Vaccine Wears Out Long Before Infants Become Sexually Active

Research shows that among those who mount an initial response to Hepatitis B vaccination, up to 50% have no evidence of immunity as soon as five years after completing the three-shot series. For infants vaccinated at birth, any benefit is gone well before they would become sexually active or use IV drugs.

Gardasil also wears off quickly…

Dr. Diane Harper (internationally recognized expert on HPV infection and developer of Gardasil) says there is ZERO evidence the vaccine will prevent cancer and any protection conferred is gone in 5 years.

Add to that the concerns about side effects, including serious, chronic pain conditions, debilitating effects on blood pressure and heart function, and a growing number of deaths reported in previously healthy young people after receiving Gardasil, and this is a nightmare scenario.

But it’s not a nightmare.

It’s happening.

Only Informed Citizens can Stop Medical Tyranny and Mandatory Vaccines

And if you think this won’t affect you, you’re wrong.

The pharma lobby is writing bills to take away religious and philosophical exemptions and they are paying politicians to introduce them, just as they did with Senator Dr. Richard Pan in California. Dr. Pan was paid in excess of $95,000 by pharma lobbyists in the months preceding his introduction of SB277, which stripped California of the personal belief exemption (PBE).

There are multiple bills in several states right now that are sailing through legislatures without opposition because people think this doesn’t apply to them, or because they just don’t know.

If you didn’t know, now you do.

Please go to the National Vaccine Information Center’s Advocacy portal and register.

Check in daily to see what’s going on in your state.

Take action on the alerts. Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose ANY and ALL Bills that restrict your ability to determine what vaccines your family will receive.

Mandatory Vaccines for Adults Also

This is not just about kids, either.

They are coming after adults and they are mandating more vaccines for employment. Hospital employees in Indiana are about to lose their right to say “No” to multiple vaccines, including Hepatitis B, Varicella, MMR, Influenza and TDap. The first hearing of SB 162 sailed through the Indiana Senate with no opposition, passing with a vote of 50 yes, 0 no.

In Virginia, a Bill was introduced that would remove all religious exemptions and restrict medical exemptions to only those that conform to the very narrowly defined criteria from The CDC, which would eliminate medical exemptions for 99.99% of the population. If your family has a history of vaccine-injury, including death? Your child still wouldn’t qualify for a medical exemption.

Are you ready to get active and protect your basic human right to decide what is injected into your body?

Go here and register:

This is the link to the clinical trial for Gardasil:

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