Does Hillary Clinton Have Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease?


“Those aren’t seizures. It’s myoclonus and hyperekplexia from having SCJD. Tongue biopsy is 1 of the 8 tests listed on the Creutzfeldt-Jakob confidential communicable disease report that the doctor has to send in to the CDC. She had a tongue biopsy.

Myoclonus, hyperekplexia, hallucinations, bowel incontinence, rage, fits of laughter at the wrong times, vision, slurred or slow speech, sore throat, insomnia (that cant be helped with meds).

Of course they’ll blame everything they can and keep running test after test. There’s no single test they can give her to prove it’s CJD. They have to wait until death and do an autopsy.

So, they’ll put off diagnosis until the symptoms become so noticeable they can no longer deny the fact that it’s CJD. That’s why they are not allowing her to be interviewed, and they keep reporters away from her. So it doesn’t trigger her myoclonus and hyperekplexia. They know giving her that diagnosis is a death sentence no matter when they tell her, so, they are buying time, IF she has it . It’s always 100% fatal.

13% of all Alzheimer’s patients that undergo autopsy end up being confirmed SCJD. 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s and another is being diagnosed every 69 seconds. So, SCJD isn’t as uncommon as we are lead to believe.

CJD, is like ALS,PARKINSON, DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMERS on steroids. My guess is that she’s so pumped up on Parkinson meds for the myoclonus and hyperekplexia that she can’t help her speech being slow.” Developing…

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