Complete Timeline of Hillary’s Health

Sick Hillary Clinton’s health problems, which hit a new crescendo with her seizure on 9/11, date back to at least 2005. What is being called “Hillary’s pneumonia” after she passed out during a September 11th memorial, and which the hoaxing media is treating like an “isolated incident,” is part of a lengthy health history that includes:

  • Multiple falls since 2005 – one leading to a broken elbow and another to a concussion
  • Emails from Huma indicating sick Hillary is “often confused”
  • Lengthy naps
  • Lesion/biopsy of a tongue
  • Repeated coughing fits
  • Inability to stand without a stool
  • Several mini-seizures
  • Peculiar travel habits, including taking a private jet on 20 mile trips
  • Refusing to do a press conference for over 280 days, a world record

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