L3 Technologies And The Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets

Activist Post – by Peter Kirby

Evidence suggests that L3 ISR Systems of Majors Field, Greenville, Texas has been retrofitting commercial aircraft for participation in the ongoing chemtrail spray operations so often observed in today’s skies. L3 ISR Systems is a division of defense contractor L3 Technologies.

The most compelling evidence implicating L3 Technologies and their ISR Systems division is found in their historical evolution from a company known as the Temco Aircraft Corporation. The Temco Aircraft Corporation was most probably involved in the production of early New Manhattan Project chemtrail spraying aircraft.

For more about the New Manhattan Project, please check out the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project available exclusively at Amazon.

The larger chemtrail fleet

There is quite a bit of evidence posted online claiming that commercial aircraft, both passenger and freight, have been inducted into the larger chemtrail fleet.

For the purpose of our discussion, we will draw a distinction here between what the author calls ‘the larger chemtrail fleet’ and what the author has previously written about; a proprietary chemtrail fleet, or simply ‘the chemtrail fleet.’

In his book and in an earlier article the author has previously researched and written extensively about a remotely powered and controlled fleet of aircraft dedicated solely to spraying chemtrails and collecting atmospheric data as part of the New Manhattan Project. This is what the author has previously referred to as ‘the chemtrail fleet’ and now refers to here as ‘the smaller chemtrail fleet.’ Although much more evidence is on the way, back in 2015, evidence for the existence of this mythical heard of unicorns was detailed in an article titled “Death from Above: the New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet.”

Rather than solely about a proprietary fleet of chemtrail spraying aircraft, this article is an expansion of the topic as it is about what the author calls ‘the larger chemtrail fleet.’ ‘The larger chemtrail fleet’ as defined here is a bigger army of seemingly normal and innocuous large, commercial passenger and freight jet aircraft which has been secretly retrofitted to spray chemtrails. While the smaller, dedicated chemtrail fleet probably consists of a few hundred aircraft, the larger, dual-purpose chemtrail fleet may very well consist of thousands.

This article operates on the supposition that the substances being sprayed are being added to the exhaust, not the fuel. This is known as ‘payload spraying’ and this is the way it has traditionally been done. Although there are some significant pieces of evidence supporting the notion that jet fuels are being adulterated which have been duly compiled and noted by this author, the much larger body of evidence suggests that substances are being added to the exhaust. The mere fact that there is a large body of evidence supporting the notion that airplanes are being extensively retrofitted (such as that which is presented in this article) suggests that substances are being sprayed from a payload rather than added to the jet fuel because adding substances to the jet fuel would require much less retrofitting, if any at all.

As the author has previously noted, among other issues, adding substances to jet fuel would bring about the technical problem of potential engine damage and the logistical problem of limiting the amount of dispersed material, while simply adding substances to a jet’s exhaust excludes these problems. Furthermore, many chemtrail spraying aircraft have been photographed spraying chemtrails which emanate from portions of the plane’s wings where there is no engine. This indicates that, in many cases, the trails are not coming from the engines at all and thus debunks the notion that the lines so often seen in today’s skies are a product of adulterated jet fuel. Lastly, common chemtrail spray has been very credibly determined to be coal fly ash, an industrial waste byproduct of the electrical power industry. So, if the chemtrail spray is an inherently dirty material like coal fly ash, how is it that this material is simply added to the jet fuel, and then how does it remain recognizable as such after re-combustion? It stretches credulity beyond the breaking point. In short, the body of evidence indicating that chemtrails are a product of substances being added to jet fuel is small and inconsistent with a much larger body of evidence indicating that chemtrails are a product of payload spraying.

For more about the evidence that chemtrail spray is coal fly ash, please refer to the author’s 2017 article “Chemtrails Exposed: Coal Fly Ash and the New Manhattan Project.”

We will now proceed to examine evidence for the notion that thousands of large, commercial jet aircraft have been retrofitted to regularly spray us with megatons of coal fly ash.

Read the rest here: https://www.activistpost.com/2019/10/l3-technologies-and-the-early-new-manhattan-project-chemtrail-fleets.html

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