David Zublick is the Doctor of the Republic – a true American patriot.  He interviews the newsmakers, newsbreakers and the people who influence business, society and culture.

Dynamic, provocative, spontaneous. David explores the hottest topics with the names in and behind the headlines. His hard-hitting, take no prisoners interview style gets to the very heart of the issues.

He leans libertarian on most issues, and is not a shill for the Republican party. He believes in limited government and the principles upon which this constitutionally limited republic was founded.

David holds a bachelor of science degree from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He is married and the father of two grown children. He resides in the metropolitan Detroit area.


  1. Please watch these videos below, and please make a video report about this subject to expose the real people behind All the Evil, the Pedophiles and the Satanist.
    I think the people do not know enough about the history, how our society is being fooled by this predators.

    They are All Crypto and Converts: check these and spread the real truth!!!!

    ?Behind the Deep State and Shadow Goverment: The Satanic / converts/ Sabbatai Savi :
    Zionist/ psichopatas:

    The Origin of Secret Societies Freemasson, Jesuits, Rosicrucian, Assasins, CIA and many others:

    The Jesuiten:
    Jesuit Secret Society – sociedade Secreta dos Jesuit secret society:

    ?Looks in to Donald Trump Heritage and Family, Film below:

    Please go to the Channels: Atlantean Gardens and Robert Spehr ( has two channels / he is an Anthropologist)

    Note: the All two Channels above mention, has information about how these Sabbatean / Frankiest ( false converts to jeduism, and Christianity and Islam. (Also other religions)
    The Zionist, Askenazi/Kazahrian are Sabbatean.
    The Sabbatean are also the Dönmeh ( the Türquish division).

    You are a great honest guy, thank you to inform the people.

    The Film above about Trump says All. He is a Sabbatean, Asknazi.

    The Sabbatean infiltrated also the Catholic Church, secrets societies like the Jesuits and Freemassonary.

    These secret is keep hidden, but know you know!!!

  2. I am really in need of the material on Ninth Circle and the report with 14 evidence/case… I will be happy to receive them from you for more awareness on this matter.

    Fransisco M
    From Tanzania

  3. How in the world did you get a copy of the notebook and how in the world would that be easily obtained by the public. And how in the world would that not be protected from the public. How in the world is ANY news source able to get wind of this? A right intel wouldn’t be leaking this type info.

  4. I have sent you the copy of mr receipt and have NOT received the Notebook. Please let me know when I will be receiving it. Thank you very much. Tanya Wohner

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